The Social Networking Business Plan with Onefineham

Are You Frustrated Keeping All Your Social Networking Business Pages Updated?

Do You Spend Mind Numbing Hours Copying and Pasting the Same Content, Events, and Links Over and Over Again?

Stop Wasting All That Time and Effort!

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The Social Networking Business Plan with Onefineham

Social networking is the latest craze in marketing, and the highly popular (and FREE) popular social networks offer terrific ways to promote virtually any product, artist, or service under the sun. The problem all ambitious marketers run into – regardless of the promotion – is the time commitment required to keep all your fans updated.

Thinking of Creating Your Own Social Network?

Most everyone I know has some ambition or desire to sell either themselves, their businesses, or some other product online. Does this describe you? More often than not, people get all excited about online marketing and fail in one of the common ways:

  • They spend a pile of money on advertising only to watch costs rise out of control
  • They spend hundreds of hours and dollars on websites, manuals, and software and never make a sale
  • They begin social networking like crazy but get wrapped up in all the fluff, glitter, and games online and forget their business aspirations

Does any of this sound familiar?


How About You Start Executing a Social Networking Business Plan That Works?

An Effective Social Networking Business Plan:

  • Takes Advantage of the Freely Available Services
  • Uses Automation Technology to Create “Write Once, Updates All” Web Publishing Solutions
  • Segregates Marketing Efforts Based on How Customers Find and Buy Products

Perhaps you’ve tried social network marketing.  Maybe you’ve tried one (or all) of the major social networks.  Are you getting the result you’d hoped for?  Are you spending hours maintaining your web pages and answering the same tired questions from customers, fans, and clients over and over again?  Why?  Getting online was supposed to increase your sales and reduce your headaches, wasn’t it?  I bet it hasn’t worked out that way for you, has it?  Why do you suppose that is?


Is One of These Roadblocks Holding YOU Back?

  • Being Overwhelmed Trying to Keep All Your Content Updated
  • No Traffic and No Answers
  • Conflicting Information Causing Confusion
  • Losing Ground to a More Nimble Competitor
  • Spending Too Much Time Correcting Old Content and Not Enough Time Creating New Content
  • Spending Too Much Time Struggling with Web Pages and Code
  • Not Spending Enough Time Understanding the Wants and Needs of Your Customers and Fans

Your Online Social Marketing Business Plan Doesn’t Have to Be This Way

If you’re struggling to keep up with the competition you need to come up with an action plan to save time that doesn’t involve spending thousands of dollars hiring a team of writers and coders to make up your websites and keep your content up to date.

What you NEED is a way to take advantage of the FREE marketing resources online in a way that doesn’t eat up the one single resource that money can’t buy: time


I Have Developed a Simple Repeatable System That Is Fire and Forget – a System That Requires a One Time Setup and Walk Away

Your social networking content management will never be the same after you read The Social Networking Business Plan with Onefineham. In the $27 ebook (requires Adobe Reader) you will find a WYSIWIG three step process to create your own automated social networking content distribution system.


In the quickly downloadable eBook you will learn the most important aspects of getting the widest distribution of your content to your social networking followers with the least amount of effort.

Here’s Some of What You’ll Learn and Get from Our Approach:

  • A “Write Once, Update All” Approach to Social Network Marketing Efforts
  • Your Own Article Marketing Channel and Content Storage Area
  • The Ability to Create Unique Channels for Each of Your Target Markets
  • A Place to Put Your Own High Quality Anchor Text Backlink
  • A User Forum to Direct Readers to Your Content
  • An Events Calendar to Promote Your Own Shows, Events, and Time Sensitive Opportunities
  • Tips on How to Make a Coordinated Marketing Strategy Using FREE Online Social Networks
  • Appearances of Your Promotional Content on Our Home Page Scrolling Marquee
  • The Opportunity to Even MAKE A FEW EXTRA BUCKS for Your Troubles

But That’s Not All – You’ll Also Learn Ways to:

  • Use Existing FREE Resources to Build and Automatically Manage Your Fan Subscriber Lists
  • Enable Your Fans and Subscribers to Get Your Latest Content Via Email Daily
  • Build Authority for Your Content with Popular (and FREE!) Backlinking Tools
  • Repeat the Process to Penetrate New Markets, Cross Sell, and Better Utilize Your Time

But Don’t Just Take Our Word for It

Here’s What Others Are Saying:

Jule Finley (Co-founder, Franklin Footlight Theatre) says:
“Thanks for sharing and thanks for working so hard to create something so helpful!!! Jule”

Brian Boynton (Krystal Boynton for American Idol 2010) says:
“Barry, I can’t thank you enough! This avenue is going to be a godsend.”


What About Getting More Traffic?

You Also Get Maximizing Your Website Traffic!

Fear Not! We’ve taken care of that with not one, but TWO top guides on driving traffic to your website, plus a NEW special Bonus (just added)!
First you’ll read Maximizing Your Website Traffic.
In Maximizing Your Website Traffic, you’ll get great tips on increasing your traffic without spending a boat-load to do so, including:

  • How to drive traffic to your websites more effectively
  • What drives repeat visitors to your website
  • A secret way to get traffic
  • Stop working for Google and get Google working for you
  • The top 5 ways to generate low cost traffic
  • How to use web directories effectively to boost traffic
  • How to use cutting edge scripts to help with your traffic building

But What About SEO?

Don't Know What SEO Is? No Problem, We'll Show You!

It’s not enough to write great content and have all the answers. You have GOT to do everything you can to make sure your pages are easy to find and grab the attention of not only readers but search engines too. Here’s what you’ll find inside 101 Basics to SEO:

  • What in the world is “link structure”, and how can it help your site?
  • What is the proper usage of keywords on your website, and how can you optimize things to keep the search engines happy?
  • How should you choose your keywords…choosing the wrong ones may not bring the traffic you expected!
  • Does your content reach out and pull people in…it should!

How to Promote Facebook Page Sites

Do These Simple Steps to Increase Your Facebook Page Likes

Facebook fan pages are the latest and greatest new thing in Social Media Marketing. Does your business have a Facebook fan page presence but not as many fans as you would like? Maybe you’re not doing everything your can to increase your number of fans. We here have created a special short guide to help you make sure you’re doing the simple things needed to lock in your fans. Best of all, you can get this FREE with your purchase today of The Social Networking Business Plan with Onefineham.

Here Is Some of What to Expect in How to Promote a Facebook Page:

  • Tips on setting up your page and business accounts
  • Tips on setting up your first page
  • Critical must have features
  • Tips and tricks to capture more fans
  • Promotion ideas to get your network snowballing


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by Barry Livingstone revised October 3, 2013