The Importance of Having a Plan B

When it comes to working with computers, the importances of have a plan B can not be overstated. In a few words: computers fail. Systems fail. People fail. All kinds of things fail when trying to market products online. It behooves anyone trying to make a living by internet marketing to make sure their efforts can’t be thwarted by a single error, issue, or other bottleneck.

The Great Weakness of Scalability and Duplication

Do you analyze your cash flows and linking strategies? Is there a weak point in the system… that if it were to fail you would lose a substantial amount of your customer flow? Failures can happen at anytime. Nearly every single web marketing tutorial will tell you the importance of finding something that works, and then copying the same format over and over again. While this is one of the advantages of scaling up / scalability it also has a great flaw: a single failure at a critical point (achilles’ heel) can bring the entire network down.

Possible Sources of Achilles’ Heels in Internet Marketing

The first and most obvious that comes to mind is hosting. Are all of your sites hosted at the same service provider? What if GoDaddy tomorrow all of a sudden went belly up? Would your internet marketing business go with it? What about affiliate programs? Do you only promote affiliate programs from one company or source? Do you only have cash flow coming from one business line?

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Any or all of these weaknesses can bring your business to a sudden, ugly halt. So what do you do about it?

How to Avoid Epic Failure of Your Internet Marketing Business with a Plan B Strategy

In short: diversify. If you have made even a couple hundred dollars web-marketing you have got to think about spreading some of your assets around to reduce the likelihood of a single point of failure wipe-out. This means diversifying your linking strategy. Diversify your marketing lines of business. Diversify your hosting accounts. This way if system A fails, plan B is still running and you can (temporarily) re-direct traffic to your plan B sites while your main sites are down.

This isn’t a perfect strategy and it isn’t a complete fail-safe, but the world is a lot nicer place to live in when you have an internet marketing business that isn’t suddenly down for 48 hours with not a single thing to do about it.

Visit our free internet marketing course for a diversified list of hosting solutions, affiliate programs, and linking solutions to better insulate your web marketing business from the epic fail of a single point of failure achilles’ heel. Follow a good path to internet marketing success online.

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