Barry Livingstone - A.K.A Onefineham, author of The Social Networking Busines Plan with Onefineham

I have had an absolute blast making this ebook and marketing it. Sometimes however things don’t always go right and I just wanted to take a minute to let you know I’ve made every effort I possibly can to keep The Social Networking Business Plan with Onefineham manageable for readers. I know as well as anyone how heavy eyelids can get after reading three hours worth of techno-garble.

It took a few days to put all the screenshots together, make the art-work, build the website, etc., but for me it truly is a labor of love. I really enjoy doing this stuff and I hope by making this book available to the public making and managing social network marketing campaigns will become more manageable for you too.

Having Issues? Need Support? Something Not Working? Contact Me!
If you need to contact me about anything in the manual or any of our other products you can use the contact form, or alternatively if the questions you have are specific to implementing the tactics described in The Social Networking Business Plan then please visit the Social Networking Support Forum Board and leave me a message there.

by Barry Livingstone revised September 23, 2012

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