Automated Article Syndication 2012

Just a quick note to announce that The Social Networking Business Plan with Onefineham has released a new and improved 2nd edition for 2012! Much of the internet has changed since our original release, but some things have stayed the same. One thing is certain, is that the ability for folks like you and me to succeed online by automated article syndication has increased considerably since our initial release.

Improved Automated Article Syndication in 2012

The single biggest improvement we have seen in 2012 is the improvement of the functionality of our content syndication on the Facebook platform. Previously the method we had used (while very effective) was prone to serious problems due to the poor “uptime” of Facebook’s blog import interface. Gone is that old tempermental dinosaur program and now we are in with a NEW and MUCH improved system to get all your important content out to all your Facebook fans.

What’s The Same in The Social Networking Business Plan?

One thing that hasn’t changed with our 2nd edition of The Social Networking Business Plan is our commitment to link together the best social media networks in a “write once, update all” formula of content syndication. You will continue to be able to write your content and distribute it efficiently and effectively with a single click of the button – STILL USING COMPLETELY FREE RESOURCES!

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