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When you link social networks together you unleash the maximum power of your social media marketing power. Bringing all your social networking accounts under one umbrella allows you as a marketing professional to have the maximum impact on your followers with each message you send out.

This Is Where the Social Networking Business Plan Can Make a Splash for You!

Social networks were MADE to bring people with similar ideas together, share experiences, and build trusting relationships. When you link social networks together you can control your brand message with consistent, coherent output across all your platforms.

The Social Networking Business Plan teaches a “write once” approach that allows you to setup a bullet-proof content delivery system whereby you create and post content in one location and use otherwise completely FREE services to distribute that message for you. It does not matter what social network links you already have. You’ll have the power and opportunity to create your brand with a consistent strategy and message… and speaking of messages…

Making “Message” Mistakes Is a Big No-No in Brand Development

Sending out an inconsistent, or worse, CONFLICTING message to your target audiences is a momentum killer. That is why it is imperative that when building your brand that your message be the same across all platforms. Customers using Twitter will likely also use Facebook or LinkedIn. Whatever the case you want to be absolutely certain that you don’t offer a 20% discount to the Twitter followers and only a 10% (or heaven forbid forget to mention a discount at all!) to Facebook users. Making that kind of message mistake would result in a hefty serving of egg in the face for you and your marketing team.

How Then Do You Guarantee a Consistent Message to All Your Social Network Followers?

The answer is simple: pick up a copy of the Social Networking Business Plan, where we teach you how to bullet proof your messaging process. You will link social networks together and learn how to create and distribute press releases effectively and consistently so your followers receive ONE message from ONE source. This will ensure your followers all get the SAME message, developed and posted by YOUR marketing team.

In the Social Networking Business Plan we link social networks like Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter together in a tight cohesive bond which enables you to focus on creating accurate, effective content. No longer will you spend hours updating one page, then another, then another. You’ll write one page, then post the article or press release… and WALK AWAY. You can then spend more of your time developing NEW ideas, marketing strategies and promotions, rather than worrying about whether your message got out correctly to all your followers.

Saving Time and Creating Backlinks Automatically

Personally I can’t emphasize how much more effective my marketing efforts have been since I developed and began using this system. I can easily maintain dozens of social media marketing efforts now whereas I had previously struggled to keep two or three campaigns updated. Using this system also has the benefit of building nature backlinks to your pages. While the links from social networks are “nofollow” as far as Google is concerned, Yahoo, MSN/Bing, and the other search networks are more than happy to count any links to your site. Each time you post an article or press release in our system you create a minimum of three backlinks to your press release, in addition to any add on social bookmarking you do of your own (right from the article directory itself!).

You Also Get Maximizing Your Website Traffic!


What About Getting More Traffic?

Fear Not! We’ve taken care of that with not one, but TWO top guides on driving traffic to your website!
First you’ll read Maximizing Your Website Traffic.
In Maximizing Your Website Traffic, you’ll get great tips on increasing your traffic without spending a boat-load to do so, including:

  • How to drive traffic to your websites more effectively
  • What drives repeat visitors to your website
  • A secret way to get traffic
  • Stop working for Google and get Google working for you
  • The top 5 ways to generate low cost traffic
  • How to use web directories effectively to boost traffic
  • How to use cutting edge scripts to help with your traffic building

Don't Know What SEO Is? No Problem, We'll Show You!

But What About SEO?

It’s not enough to write great content and have all the answers. You have GOT to do everything you can to make sure your pages are easy to find and grab the attention of not only readers but search engines too. Here’s what you’ll find inside 101 Basics to SEO:

  • What in the world is “link structure”, and how can it help your site?
  • What is the proper usage of keywords on your website, and how can you optimize things to keep the search engines happy?
  • How should you choose your keywords…choosing the wrong ones may not bring the traffic you expected!
  • Does your content reach out and pull people in…it should!

How to Promote Facebook Page Sites

Do These Simple Steps to Increase Your Facebook Page Likes

Facebook fan pages are the latest and greatest new thing in Social Media Marketing. Does your business have a Facebook fan page presence but not as many fans as you would like? Maybe you’re not doing everything your can to increase your number of fans. We here have created a special short guide to help you make sure you’re doing the simple things needed to lock in your fans. Best of all, you can get this FREE with your purchase today of The Social Networking Business Plan with Onefineham.

Here Is Some of What to Expect in How to Promote a Facebook Page:

  • Tips on setting up your page and business accounts
  • Tips on setting up your first page
  • Critical must have features
  • Tips and tricks to capture more fans
  • Promotion ideas to get your network snowballing

Pick Up a Copy Today

Do yourself a favor: pick up a copy of the Social Networking Business Plan today and receive all the benefits and bonuses we have setup for you. You won’t regret it.

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